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Brisbane to welcome rock star chef for one flavour-filled week in May

David Tsirekas joined Nostimo Restaurant Bar as Chef in Residence upon its opening in June 2018.   Sydney’s acclaimed 1821 is also under David’s culinary baton, meaning he splits his time between both states while serving high quality, innovative dishes that always deliver on flavour, yet remain authentic and true to Greek flavours.   Brisbane also shares Tsirekas’ flavours with Chicago, after he was approached to oversee the launch of two modern Greek restaurants in the US city after mega restaurateur Louie Alexakis heard about his talents.  Chef Tsirekas is famed for changing the approach to Greek cuisine here in Australia  with his cooking style being described as ‘daring, self-assured and full of expression’, a chef who makes ‘harmonious and refined dishes, not just ones with intensity and macho charm’.

In a culinary powerhouse of innovation that will send shockwaves through the Brisbane dining scene, Greek Superchef, Dimitris Katrivesis will be joining David Tsirekas for an exciting week of flavour in May, including Brisbane’s first ever Greek Yum Cha experience. “A dish, a great dish, is the most complex work of art, as it should appeal to all five senses and, once devoured, it must remain in memory like a painting, a melody, or a beautiful view,”  says Chef  Katrivesis.

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