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Worlds Collide: The fashion and technology of Virgin Galactic’s commercial flight spacesuit

Fashion and Technology merge with the New York showing of Virgin Galactic’s spacesuits that commercial passengers like you and I will have to wear when the flights launch and take off next year!   In possibly a runway first, the spacewear system was unveiled in a zero gravity, vertical catwalk led by Sir Richard Branson himself.

“Spacesuits are a part of the iconography of the first space age; our visual impressions of human spaceflight and what astronauts wear are inextricably linked.   Requirements for astronaut spacewear as we enter the second space age are evolving, but the design challenge has not diminished. We were delighted when Kevin and Under Armour stepped up to this task and they have surpassed our expectations.   I love the way the spacewear looks and I love the way it feels. I also love the fact that the next time I put it on, I will be on my way to space.” Richard Branson said,


From the initial brief through to final fabrication, the suit design concepts were defined through inputs from a wide variety of experts, including doctors, astronaut trainers, pilots, apparel and footwear designers, engineers and Future Astronaut customers, to fully understand and address all requirements.   

The liner of the spacesuit incorporates other new fabrics, like Tencel Luxe, SpinIt and Nomex, used for temperature control and moisture management, as Future Astronauts may experience a spectrum of temperatures throughout their journey.   Under Armour (UA) integrated all of the brand’s performance fabrics – cooling, smooth, fast-drying, moisture-managing, comfortable and safe – to ensure the Future Astronaut has the most comfortable experience possible.   An important part of the suit construction included functional features such as multiple pockets for necessary and personal items including an integrated solution for communications, with a push-to-talk button. Each spacesuit iteration underwent rigorous testing with key stakeholders in the VG team including pilots, spaceship engineers, medical officers, astronaut instructors and the customer experience team to ensure it would outperform in-flight expectations.

Cover Image: Steven Counts / Getty Images



New York Fashion Week: CAAFD

If there’s any show we must cover then it’s this one, because we’re all about the emerging artists and talent around here! 

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 8.57.21 AM.png

Every season, CAAFD curates some of the finest talents in the fashion industry, globally.  CAAFD partners with IMG and Pier 59 studios and presenting its approved designers.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 8.54.42 AM
Tuesday 10th September – 7pm / 8pm (New York)

Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers, [CAAFD] is a non-profit organization founded through a collaborative effort by a few key pioneers in the fashion industry with the ambitious goal of promoting designers who aspire to expand their brand awareness and do business in the United States. CAAFD educates, promotes and empowers aspiring designers and fashion professionals in gaining a foothold in the fashion business, giving them every opportunity to become the renowned designer they yearn to be.

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Versace & Michael Kors: The merge of two power houses!

It’s the news that has shaken the entire fashion industry, New York based global luxury group Michael Kors announced they purchased the outstanding shares of Italian luxury fashion house Gianni Versace for a total enterprise value of AUD$2.7bn. Continue reading Versace & Michael Kors: The merge of two power houses!