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100 Reasons for War: A chaotic, mind opening work, Perth

Playwright Tom Holloway and Director, Ella Hetherington, present 100 Reasons for War takes.  It’s a tangential look at the reasons societies often find themselves in terrible and tragic conflicts.  Funny, moving and provocative, 100 Reasons for War questions the multiple and complex reasons why war has become such a prominent feature in the history of humankind.

“It’s a play grappling to find an answer, knowing full well there is no reasonable solution,” Hetherington said. “Don’t expect your regular sort of play!  We need to think about the current state of the planet – our actions as a species and as individuals.  We are at war with the climate, each other and even ourselves but, at the same time, we’re on a quest for world peace, as well as peace in our homes and peace within.

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Guiness World Record Attempt: Perth to Sydney for $45

They call themselves Sunswift.   A team of UNSW Sydney students from varying disciplines – mechanical, electrical, reneweable energy, photovoltaics engineering, computer science, commerce, art and industrial design.  Sunswift is an entirely student-run and not-for-profit initiative and since it’s establishment have produced 6 solar cars and are regular competitors in the biennial Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – an international university competition racing 3,000km from Darwin to Adelaide. Continue reading Guiness World Record Attempt: Perth to Sydney for $45

Romeo & Juliet: The Gender Swap

Romeo and Juliet explores the theme of forbidden love, so I wanted to look at the text in terms of what’s still often considered forbidden love today,” says Director, Amanda Crewes.  “That brought me to our current, very cloudy view on same sex relationships.  I wanted to determine whether changing the gender changed our view on this love story.” Continue reading Romeo & Juliet: The Gender Swap