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Smoke: “Raising the bar”

Embracing the winter sun’s rays after work, hitting that outdoor lounge oasis with illustrious views of the harbour and a rustic interior for luxury share plates with attendants doting over your every need.   It’s the sophisticated treehouse that defined Barangaroo when it first opened and redefined our elite expectations of drinking and dining in the city.

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Wellama: The 32 square metre video installation at Barangaroo

‘To Come Back” is the meaning for the new feature at Barangaroo, WELLAMA, a Cadigal word, its an  invitation to experience the spirit of EORA country through art.

Created by artists Alison Page and Nik Lachajczak, Wellama is a celebration of ritual, ceremony and story practised on Country since time immemorial. It welcomes visitors to Gadigal Country and pays respect to the Traditional Custodians of this land. The work is not intended to ever to replace the traditional welcome by elders, but to strengthen the meaning of that ceremony and enhance people’s understanding of its importance among all Australians.

It is a 10 minute audio visual art loop that plays continuously and welcomes visitors to land, sea and sky country at Barangaroo. The work captures the essence of the ‘Welcome to Country’ by creating a visceral, and emotional experience that is a celebration of the continuity of culture through ceremony and the cycles of nature.

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Snuggle up to Luke Jacobz on National Doona Day, 17 June – Martin Place Pop-Up (FREE COFFEES FROM 7AM)

The rudeness of Winter showing up ealy last week sparked the idea for Moconna Coffee who are on a mission to heat things up this season!   As we switch modes in search of interesting pastimes to keep us entertained indoors, we are reminded of the soothing effects of the rich pedigree of these craft blends.

To celebrate National Doona Day on Monday 17 June – Sydneysiders are invited to escape the warmth and share a Winter coffee moment in bed with the much-loved Australian Actor and TV presenter, Luke Jacobz.  Yes you heard, a pop-up, a bed – taking centre stage on the Martin Place strip!

Coffee lovers can indulge their senses in a one-of-kind Moccona coffee house pop-up and discover the delicious taste of a freshly brewed Barista Reserve coffee.  FREE COFFEE.

WHERE:  Martin Place Moconna Pop-Up
WHAT:  National Doona Day – IN BED – with Luke Jacobz (swooooon)
WHEN: Monday 17 June – from 7am

Children’s International Film Festival, Melbourne & Sydney

The ever so popular Melbourne Children’s International Film Festival returns 24 May to 10 June and also premieres in Sydney for the very first time.

Catering for children aged 4-16, the festival program will be bursting with workshops, visiting international guests and the very best family films handpicked from world-class film festivals, including a short film program by Little Big Shots.

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Chinese Film Week: FREE MOVIES 27 Feb to 3 Mar

Bringing FREE critically-acclaimed Chinese cinema to Event Cinemas George St. film fans in Sydney, the first ever Chinese Film Week (27 Feb to 3 Mar) promises hi-octane action, edge of your seat suspense and gripping drama in a carefully curated program of films set to enthrall Australian audiences.


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5 of the Coolest Pop-Up Cinema Events in the world

A quick look at the art of the pop-up cinema – from iconic harbour views and red rock mountains, to green powered screenings and hot tub novelties, we take a quick squizz at 5 of the cool and quirky ones!
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