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Drewboy: Healing the pain through melody in new single, ‘Time to say Goodbye’

A natural born performer, Drewboy juggles a myriad of projects across television, film, recording and live gigs while maintaining a healthy modeling career. 

His career as a singer songwriter spans over 15 years and with guitar in hand swoons us with vocals packed full of soul – It’s his unique blend of upbeat rap, dance and occasionally like he’s latest single and love tributes that many have found irresistible.  

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Aurora: The Nordic ‘Animal’ (Listen Now)

The wait is finally over after the daily teases on her social.  Aurora’s third EP finally dropped last week , AURORA’s third EP was released last week with a theatrical almost flamboyant first single that swoops, soars and rotates with pulse, heart and melody.

image001“ANIMAL for me is a very ironical song. It’s raw because we are raw, it’s sensual because nature is sensual.  It’s wrong and strange because the world is wrong and strange.  It’s free because we should be free. There is a lot of things I hate about us, (next to all the things I love) and part of me hate the industrial part of the music industry.  And that is exactly why the song had to sound the way it did. Because it’s a way for me to make.  A bit fun of it. Still Aurora, but with elements form that world.  For me, It amplifies the irony in all of it. The world we all have mixed feelings about. Because it’s so easy to show people something horrible, something deep and we still choose what we want to see.  And that is the must fun thing with it all.” she teased in the build up to the release of the first single. Her description couldn’t be more conflicted, yet accurate.   Continue reading Aurora: The Nordic ‘Animal’ (Listen Now)

Sampa The Great: Energy

Sampa The Great’s new single Energy is a must-add addition to your Spotify and I-Tunes playlists with its unassuming relaxed choral riffs and layers of soothing sax and strong backbeats.

Produced by Rahki and Silent Jay, it features Nadeem Dim Gabisi from music collective Steam Down. “We took this time to collaborate with talented creatives of colour from across the globe to translate this idea into video”, says Sampa. Energy makes a casually profound statement on social norms offering a challenge to mainstream preconceptions

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