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10 ways to eat through Broadway Level Two

There’s a certain versatility to the setup on Level 2.  It’s a meeting point for the Hoyts cinema complex, a central break area from the retail therapists weaved throughout all levels and the dining area seating, counters, bench tops can easily accommodate the nearby university students and mobile office workers. Continue reading 10 ways to eat through Broadway Level Two


Hangover Basics: Duck & Dumplings

Pounding headaches and parched throats are a small price to pay for a memorable and epic weekend of shenanigans one must never speak of.  The light at the end of the tunnel as you climb over that random who’s name you’ve forgotten is the recovery spot/s you’ve found along the way, that bring you back to life.  That colossal breakfast that lifts you from the depths of hell or that late late late lunch you dive straight into head first as your body screams for sustenance AFTER the earth has spun away from the sun!

Continue reading Hangover Basics: Duck & Dumplings