Majestic Water Taxis Sydney launches new White Limousine Water Boats for Daily commuters and Private passengers

 Majestic Water Taxis today announced exciting news for Sydney commuters and tourists who like to travel via water taxis to experience World’s most beautiful Sydney Harbour. As part of their fleet, they are introducing white limousine boats so clients can enjoy and have a great time.

 Lance Jones, CEO at Majestic Water Taxis promises to offer quality experience for travelers who want to explore Sydney Harbour or looking for private tours and sightseeing.   “Our aim is to provide better value for money to the people.  Each moment spent with us will be etched into your memory.   Take the enjoyment to a whole different level.”  he says  “Dine in at impressive restaurants, enjoy whale watching and be part of other activities.   Our fleet of white limousine water taxis just elevates a different experience for the travellers.  Every experience comes at an expense.   Come share your experience with Majestic Water Taxis. We make sure that customers are catered in the most befitting manner. We are specialists. We do what needs to be done for the customers.”

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