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The thrill and excitement of shark cage diving can now be experienced in the heart of Adelaide without even getting wet. Escape Hunt, Adelaide’s only escape room and bar venue, is launching its newest escape room game. Australia’s first underwater-themed escape room, Great White Killer.

“Since we opened in 2015, we’ve tried to incorporate South Australian elements into all of our escape rooms,” says Emma Moad, co-owner of Escape Hunt Adelaide. “Cage-diving with Great Whites at Port Lincoln is such an iconic South-Australian experience, we wanted to capture that thrill and excitement in our most unique game yet..

Escape Hunt’s newest game sees players taking on the role of detectives investigating a spate of shark attacks off Port Lincoln.  There are rumours of a rogue boat captain, on the hunt for lost treasure and suspicions that his crew’s disappearances may not be the work of sharks, but something more sinister.  Players must solve puzzles, hunt for clues and crack codes in order to get to the bottom of the mystery and escape the room.

EH-Local-Game-Hero-Great-White-Killer“Escape rooms are such a popular way of socialising, and a really addictive pastime,” explains Moad. “There are hundreds of escape rooms across Australia and there are a lot of common themes amongst them. We wanted to create a game unlike any other, with an exciting twist and a South-Australian flavour.  Escape rooms already offer players adrenalin-pumping fun, but we think sending our players ‘cage-diving’ in order to solve their mystery dials the excitement up to the next level.”

The Great White Killer escape room at Escape Hunt can be played by groups of 2-12 people. With two identical rooms, groups can book both rooms and race against one another to escape.

The game opens this Saturday 29 September and is available to book online now

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