Suite24: The new app that lets you book major hotels in one-hour blocks

It’s possible to enjoy all the offerings a hotel has on your own time and schedule! The concept of Suite24 is that it enables you to book hotel rooms in hourly time blocks, but without the price of an overnight stay.


The market of hotel and tourism is experiencing a lack of flexible booking options and now the new custom-built platform enables hotels to manage their inventory hourly.

From room service, day spa treatments and that bottle of bubbly on arrival, it’s all there.


A few hours in the middle of the day while the kids are at school. There’s nothing quite like a swoon-worthy hotel stay for two!


Now, it is new, give it time, a scan of the content is limited in some places, but in this fast paced world this could possibly take off particularly with needs that service longhaul layovers, quick fix staycations and modes of accommodation that fills the gap in off-peak leisure stats….

Strictly for light hearted first adopters only.

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