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Building muscle is a huge component of many fitness enthusiasts idea of a healthy body.  It holds many benefits within it, for example, increased muscle mass means a faster metabolism, stronger connective tissue and supporting muscles decreasing the chance of injury and for some people, more aesthetically pleasing which can increase self-confidence and happiness.


Everyone has goals of his or her own so each of these exercises you should use your own specific weight to be able to perform the correct amount of reps and sets.

Every type of development has its own range.  Strength range should be between 2-5 reps with 3-5 sets, this must be performed with correct form and weight so that,

   1. you are working the correct muscles,

   2. you do not injure yourself, and

   3. you work till fatigue.

For building muscle mass, the rep range is between 8-12 reps for 3-5 sets, this again should be done with the correct weight so the muscle is fatigued on the last rep of each set. Then toning muscle should be done for 12+ reps for 5 sets, this burns fat and tightens tissue by consistently contracting the muscle for high repetitions.

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Most are only showing you the product, I’m taking you on the journey to get there⚡️ – There’s no pretty stuff about working out or working towards your dreams,that only comes after, face the facts and realise the work it takes to get to the product and respect the process. – There’s a reason why only a few make it to the top and I’m taking ever small step till I get there! – Big PB tonight with the 30s with 3 sets of 6 as I’m finally putting on some strength and weight around my shoulders, although that last rep felt like an absolute eternity😂 – #uglyface #lifting #shoulders #work #real #nofake #arms #tricep #bicep #defintion #chizzled #aesthetic #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitnessmodel #press #dumbell #young #18 #PB

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When building muscle mass, I have been using a method called TUT.  

What it stands for is ‘Time Under Tension’, and what I mean by this is, that is it a measure of time the muscle is contracting under tension.  

What this does is increases the time that the muscle fibres are working, therefore ripping the muscle enabling for space to rebuild and become bigger.

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Progressive overload! . This is the type of training where you increase the weight you’re lifting to put extra strain on the muscles therefore overloading them. This causes the muscles to have to adapt and build new fibres to be able to lift more weight, resulting in a greater increase in muscle mass. In this video I’m curling 20kg (44lb) which is higher than I’ve previously lifted, while keeping good form I was able to get 3 sets of 6-8 reps out which all finished in failure. I’ve been progressively overloading over the year and it has resulted in huge gains in muscle mass! . #buildingmuscle #buildingmuscles #musclebuilding #armworkout #bicepworkout #workoutflow #workoutday #workoutvideo #workoutdone #workoutmode #gains #fitnessboy #fitnessdk #fitnessbody #fitnesstips #fitnessguru #fitnessmen #fitnesslove #insights #overloading #armday #biceps #curling #progressive #thegym

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For instance, instead of throwing your dumbbells up and down in a bicep curl, hold your posture and slowly contract the bicep for 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down. This means you are specifically targeting the desired muscle, therefore, causing the fibres to rip. It is proven that it increases muscle mass 57% faster, meaning faster results and more satisfaction.

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