Morning Workout with Fitness Power Couple: Dan Conn and Ellice Whichello

This morning, guests were treated to a preview of the exhibition space at the annual Sydney Fitness Show prior to its opening to the public. Friday is commonly known as industry day when many of the titans in the industry stop and gather, collaborate and congregate. As part of the preview Dan Conn and Ellice Whichello led an 8.30am strength and conditioning workout, a fitting opening to the Sydney Fitness Show weekend!

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In the latest article of The Next Rush, check out the upcoming launch of @dan-dc_conn ’s latest project launching 1 May with a special introductory rate for those of you attending @ausfitnessshow @iccsyd this weekend. While @ellicewhichello presents her top tips in striving for that bootylicious bod! Find out what @rachael_finch will be doing at tomorrow at Day 2 of the exhibition. #sydneyfitnessshow #fitnessexpo #sydneyfitnessshow2019 #fitspo #fashionaddict #fitnessaddict #training #instafit #martialarts #nutritionwarehouse #musashi #snapnation #gym #sydneylife #sydneylocal #aussiesofinstagram #aussiefitness #anytimetimefitness #massageenvy #nrl #lululemon #personaltrainer #polkadotcommunications #bodybyfinch #musclenation #ehplabs #nutritionwarehouse Image Credits: Australian Fitness Show, Polka Dot Communications, JL,

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Daniel Conn is a former Canterbury Bulldogs and Gold Coast Titans player, his footprint in the fitness industry is vast with a rich history with F45 Gyms and CWG brands – Anytime Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness and Massage Envy. 1st of May will see his foray into online coaching and training further expanding his influence internationally.

Ellice Whichello’s portfolio and influence in lifestyle, fitness and fashion cements her position as one of the #fitspo heavyweaights in the country coupled with her comprehensive knowledge and expertise as a Clinical Nutritionist. She presents her tips on working towards your best self. “MillenniWELLs are transitioning into new ways of living with much more interest in their wellness regime incorporating the newest & most innovative ways of achieving their very own ‘Wellness Blueprint’.” she says on her site. Below are her 6 tips to get into the habit of that will optimise your success in striving toward your wellness goals and becoming your best self.

1. Wake up early & ditch the snooze button! Lace up & get going in your favourite sneakers & workout gear that is comfortable! Try & organise your gear the night before so when you wake up you can embrace the early rise feeling positive & vibrant without being rushed!

2. Ace your sweat game & train before work starts! Aim for 45 minutes to 1 hour! If you don’t have access to a gym, do a workout outside or in the home! There are no excuses in terms of accessing high quality, easy to follow workouts! The morning is yours!

3. Get Your Body Strong. Include some cardio & strength in your fitness routine! Getting your sweat game STRONG increases muscle mass in the body which means you’ll burn more calories & faster too keeping he kg’s off! The stronger, leaner muscles will reduce fat mass & ensure your body is strong & lean to facilitate a healthy & balanced lifestyle!

4. Punch It Out. Punching it out can feel so good for so many reasons! Boxing is such an effective way of letting of some serious steam! Whether it’s a mental release, zoning out of life for an hour, or to give you some ‘me time’, I can’t express how much I recommend sweating it out over some pads or the bag. Punching, weaving, ducking. It all alleviates tension. The anaerobic changes in direction causes the brain to concentrate allowing it to feel stimulated. It also crunches calories life you’ve never seen before. In terms of alleviating tension & reducing the build-up of anxiety in the body, punching it out is definitely something I swear by ☺

5. Complement all of your amazing efforts in your workout with a well-fuelled breakfast that contains adequate carbohydrates, protein, calcium & good fats! The combination of macronutrients will aid in your body’s recovery process allowing you to bank the gains from the workout whilst setting you up for the day!

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Have your meals planned for the day & focus on macronutrient portions versus calories! Try eating every two to three hours to maintain blood sugar levels & reduce any un necessary mood swings! Drink plenty of water; if you wait until you’re thirsty you’re too late! Aim for 2 – 3 Litres per day! Just keep sippin’!

Eat Oily Fish – Oily fish such as salmon, also avocados, nuts & seeds contain EPA & DHA referred to as ‘Brain Food’, the ultimate anti-inflammatory compounds that work intrinsically in the body enabling you to gain more muscle mass, tone up, reduce fat mass, reduce inflammation of the joints & importantly allows you to think a lot clearer.


The ability of EPA & DHA to improve muscle tone is fascinating. As some of us may know, our levels of acetylcholine naturally decline as we age, resulting in reduced muscle tone. Instead of staying short and tight, our muscles become elongated and relaxed, resulting in a sagging face and body. One way to help improve this muscle tone is to increase acetylcholine levels, and good ways to do this is by introducing additional EPA & DHA into your system aka OILY FISH or take Flaxseed Oil in the form of a nutritional supplement. Over the silly season this is a smart way to promote keeping in shape feeling better for it later on.

Cook with Coconut Productsshutterstock_776968363– Trade your creams & high fatty cheeses with light coconut milks & light coconut creams as they contain coconut oils which, due to their shorter chain length, medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) are more rapidly broken down & absorbed into the body! This makes them a fast energy source & less likely to be stored as fat!

shutterstock_776968363– Trade your creams & high fatty cheeses with light coconut milks & light coconut creams as they contain coconut oils which, due to their shorter chain length, medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) are more rapidly broken down & absorbed into the body! This makes them a fast energy source & less likely to be stored as fat!shutterstock_776968363
– Trade your creams & high fatty cheeses with light coconut milks & light coconut creams as they contain coconut oils which, due to their shorter chain length, medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) are more rapidly broken down & absorbed into the body! This makes them a fast energy source & less likely to be stored as fat!

MCT’S Will Help Aid in Working That Bootylicious Body Through Their:
• Reduced calorie intake (10% fewer calories than regular oils)
• Increased fullness (increase in Leptin & Peptide YY)
• Less fat storage (absorbed rapidly & less likely to be stored as body fat)
• Increased calorie burning (C8 & C10 seen to boost fat & calories being burnt)
• Increase ketones on low carbohydrate diets

6. Sleep Like a Champion
Good sleep, aka shut-eye, is a priority for anyone looking to unleash his or her inner champion! In fact, our performance is dependent on it! It’s on the HOT LIST of priorities for all athletes including boxers who strive on a daily basis to reach new individual peaks, fuelling a competitive edge over their opponent.

It’s no secret that the pros like to bank their sleep; it makes them feel on top of their game. We can all relate, the feeling of nestling in to our warm beds & slipping in to dreams about winning boxing matches against Mayweather! It always feels so good! So, the question remains, why is it that one third of Australian’s are sacrificing sleep in order to get through their daily agendas if they know the impact it has?

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The reality is, life happens. We get it. It can get full, it can twist & turn & it can surprise you in ways you never thought possible! But amongst life’s factors that we can’t control, we need to take control of placing sleep as a priority in our health regime. No matter the circumstances. If we don’t, we will soon FEEL the repercussions & our ‘A game’ will fall into no game at all.

6 Hours Sleep for 4+ Days Will Cause Problems

It will:
Make you moody
Reduce brainpower
Impair blood glucose
Impact hunger & satiety signals confusing eating patterns
Impair immune function

Moods & Lack of Sleep – Hormones can become affected in cases of inadequate sleep, reducing our ability to think, focus & learn. The gut flora quite readily will become inflamed impacting the ability to fight off infection & digest some of the nutrients consumed often leading to leaky gut. This can impact blood glucose levels severely reducing the ability to control moods & energy.

The next day dose of drowsiness can become severe after repeated nights of lack of sleep. This can substantially impact quality of life creating an unusual addition to one’s character in a negative manner.

Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Fat Gain – Sleep deprivation can affect the brain in its ability to regulate appetite. The gut & brain connection becomes affected reducing the gut flora causing difficulty in hormone release creating high levels of blood glucose. The increase in blood glucose affects insulin sensitivity causing fat to be stored in stubborn areas such as the stomach commonly referred to as the ‘donut’ point of the midriff. Abnormalities effect stress hormones such as cortisol, promoting hunger signalling decreasing our satiety signals from leptin. This often creates confusion on when an individual is hungry or full causing problems of over eating more often than not.

The Brain Tries to Protect You! Deprivation can cause you to burn out if you’re not careful. Interestingly, the brain has the ability to lag its onset of ‘being tired’, & unlike the body which has pain receptors that yell out when they’re fired up making you go ‘OUCH!’, the brain doesn’t! The brain inflames when it is under pain or pressure creating a substantial impact to the body that can be severe & irreversible if not improved. The inflammation can make you feel moody & imbalanced, sick & often anxious.

Try & Establish A Bedtime Routine.Establishing a bedtime routine will help you calm & relax the central nervous system. This can be achieved by cutting yourself off formal activities that can interfere with a good night’s sleep.

Game Plan Example
6 hours before bed: stop-drinking caffeine
3 hours before bed: stop exercising
2 – 3 hours before bed: Finish eating dinner
1 hour before bed: stop working or studying
1 hour before bed: turn off all electronics.
Night, night!

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