Hangover Basics: Duck & Dumplings

Pounding headaches and parched throats are a small price to pay for a memorable and epic weekend of shenanigans one must never speak of.  The light at the end of the tunnel as you climb over that random who’s name you’ve forgotten is the recovery spot/s you’ve found along the way, that bring you back to life.  That colossal breakfast that lifts you from the depths of hell or that late late late lunch you dive straight into head first as your body screams for sustenance AFTER the earth has spun away from the sun!

A few hours at Mr Wu will snap you out of it.   The wooden interiors, open concrete fixtures and rustic metal aesthetics are just far enough from the main food court for you to escape while still take advantage of the retail and entertainment action if you’re still not done and just looking for a ‘pick-me-up’.



For starters, this is more about the visual stimulation you need rather than the overly sweet sauce that’s a touch overdone.   I don’t actually believe you could eat this sober if you have no sweet tooth.   The colour is simply to stimulate your brain cells and aromatics in the right amount  to lure you in.  The meaty filing makes up for it though.



If you’re not familiar with the history of dumpling parcels being superstitiously tied to your good fortune and had seafood – just shove them in – they’re the pick of the litter when it comes to the typical prawn / chive, pork, soup, vegetarian standards that line the menu.


There’s something about the long process the duck is put through for days before being roasted in a closed or open oven (depends on the region I think?  Don’t quote me), but when that crispy aromatic skin is couple with the fresh scallions and cucumber wrapped around a steamed translucent pancake and its artery of hoisin – everything falls into place.

Sit in one of the booths, that way, in case you pass out unexpectedly from alcohol poisoning, you won’t hurt anyone.

Mr. Wu Dumpling Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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