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James Pratt was announced as the presenter for the red carpet and A-list interviews at the debut of ITalk Los Angeles this evening.   ITalk is the edgy “facelift business seminars, symposiums and conferences need, merging pop culture, leadership content and stage drama” describes Senior Director, Jen Montague.  

The highly anticipated event will take place at the former luxury estate of Frank Sinatra and features Hollywood’s leading stars as keynote speakers, including, MTV’s Chanel West Coast, Sean Stone, son of Hollywood Royalty Oliver Stone, and celebrity stylist Ali Levine. Frank Knuckles, the former percussionist for The Roots and The Late-Night Show with Jimmy Fallon is also involved.

Pratt, who is known as a distinguished actor, and luxury auctioneer within spheres of celebrity real state, has made a strong impression on ITalk curators ” and was on their radar for some time”,  according to co-founder and Sr. Directo.r of ITalk,  Jen Montague.  “He’s a very distinguished and talented young guy”. 

The growing popularity in motivational leadership events continues to grow at an accelerated pace, explains Montague  “One of the biggest challenges right now is to build events that satisfy the moment-by-moment engagement.  To do this you must have the right people involved.”

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James Pratt’s esteemed reputation continues to grow outside of Australia as an actor.  On Halloween, successfully debuted at Supernova in both Sydney and Perth.  His other films, Envy, Reflection in the Mirror and Dead or Alive all directed by the award winning team of Joyce Chow and Gloria Kisel debuted to reviews  at The Brentwood & Pacific Palisades International Film Festival.

Whilst in luxury and celebrity auctioneering, James set another 4 records since the start of the year and continues to be regarded as the most in demand auctioneer Internationally for celebrity houses.

Italk Los Angeles’ event key speakers lineup will cover an array of topics in Film, Fashion, Music and Television all aimed at increasing those looking at self-improvement, inspiration, change and vision.

MTV’s Chanel West is set to perform on the night alongside DJ Casper and with the backdrop of Frank Sinatra’s house providing inspiration and motivation, the event is set to make an big impact on motivating the next group of pioneers.

James Pratt becomes the first Australian to be involved with ITalk when it debuts in Los Angeles this week.  

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