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Sustainable and with almost 2X as much protein, Hoppa cricket pasta is fast becoming a hit with pasta lovers all across Australia.

Over recent years, there’s been a huge surge in interest for foods that are better for our bodies and the environment. Supermarkets are now stocking previously unheard of goodies like vegan brownies,  paleo energy bars and dairy-free cheese, and now one Australian company is bringing insect-based pasta to the table.


Since its official launch in May 2019, Hoppa has been at the forefront of a sustainable food revolution. Their innovative and surprisingly tasty range of products are made with crickets; a superfood packed with more than 60% protein, amino acids, omegas and Vitamin B12. According to enthusiasts, crickets are the way forward when it comes to sustainability, offering healthy food products at a far lower environmental cost than traditional livestock farming. Just a couple of tablespoons provide an abundance of flavour and goodness with a tiny carbon footprint, and it turns out that their mild, slightly nutty flavour also happens to be the perfect base for pasta.

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Hoppa is the first Australian brand to bring out cricket-based pasta in Australia. Made from 100% natural cricket flour and durum wheat, it contains almost twice as much protein as regular pasta with zero artificial ingredients. The product is also dairy and soy-free, making it a great choice for pasta lovers who care about their health and the world we live in.

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