Taking live entertainment to new heights – literally! Samsung KX opens giving us a glimpse into the future…

One of the leaders at the forefront of innovation and technology opened up a new  20,000 square food interactive space at London’s Coal Drops Yard in a creative initiative to engage directly with customers.  Celebrating 50 years of innovation by showcasing a glimpse into how we could live in the future, the new space offers guests a taste of a fully connected lifestyle with a range of experiences featuring cutting-edge technology.   From fashion and fitness, to science and street dance, local thought leaders gathered in Samsung KX to mark the official launch with a conference that crowned creativity in the capital.

Exploring futuristic trends, research shows that:

  • 94%1 of smartphone users are now engaging with their devices vertically; while
  • 79%2 find vertical videos the most interesting.


“With Samsung KX, we are creating a brand-new space for the local community, but we’re going about it in a unique way,” said Y H Lee, Global CMO of Samsung Electronics. “This destination will be an incredible blend of local culture, face to face learning and innovation. We have redesigned our brand experience spaces to give consumers what they want – more dynamic, flexible locations where exploration is endless, and Samsung KX is a place where infinite possibilities are made real.”

Samsung KX Celebrates Official Launch With World’s First Vertical Stage Gig
Coal Drops Yard is a new shopping and restaurant district in London’s King’s Cross originally established in 1850 to handle the eight million tonnes of coal delivered to the capital each year.   The demise of former nightclubs, Bagley’s and The Cross sees the space reincarnated into a space for guests to attend events and workshops organized by local educational institutions, experience the latest technology first-hand and connect with visitors from all over the world.  (Dave Benett / Getty Images)

Free interactive experiences include:

    • Samsung-KX_4.jpgDigital Cockpit: The world’s first seamlessly connected driving experience that brings to life the future of automotive technology. Guests can explore revolutionary features including intelligence assistant Bixby that allows the driver to control the radio simply by saying phrases such as ‘play next song’, a memory system that alerts the driver when they are distracted or drowsy and smart home connectivity controls that enable the user to check inside their fridge or answer the doorbell directly from the front seat
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    • Galaxy Graffiti: Embracing the capital’s passion for street art, guests can virtually make their mark on the 10 meter-wide screen across a range of digital London backdrops and share their creations on social media as a memento of their visit
    • Samsung-KX_3DJ Galaxy: For aspiring musicians, this unique experience teaches guests to create, perform and record bespoke beats with the tap of a Samsung smartphone
    • AR Message Tree: Guests can leave AR notes under the ‘kissing point’ in the experience space for others to unfold
    • 3D ME & Collage Me: Those wanting to push the boundaries of self-expression can create and take home their very own free mini 3D figure or even turn a selfie into a unique, personalized collage to share on social media
Samsung KX Celebrates Official Launch With World’s First Vertical Stage Gig
Dave Benett / Getty Images 

Samsung KX concluded the launch celebrations by creating the ultimate vertical stage performance both on and off screen, optimised for the crowd to capture and share instantly across social media.

Samsung KX Celebrates Official Launch With World’s First Vertical Stage Gig
To celebrate the grand opening of Samsung KX, urban female artist Mabel, who is local to King’s Cross, performed with her band, DJ and dancers, across a stacked three-story stage over nine meters high. As the world’s first vertical gig, the occasion was optimized for capturing on smartphone cameras and sharing instantly on social media. The iconic kissing point in Coal Drops Yard provided the perfect setting for the event.  (Dave Benett / Getty Images)

 The first-of-its-kind set boasted a stacked three-story stage over 9 metres high, allowing all elements of the gig to be seen and heard in a vertical symphony. Pop and R&B star, Mabel, who is local to King’s Cross, performed with her band, DJ and dancers across multiple levels, so the crowd could get the perfect shot.


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