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He’s probably the most memorable trades person to genuinely innovate when it comes to social media marketing a business.  It’s not uncommon for the Western Australian based electrician to clock in 1.3 million views in one of his posts like this one.

This is the sweetspot and power of social – selling it, without selling it.  It’s the kind of post that makes you want to know what services are being offered and the last thing you are thinking about while engaging is price.   Instant connection.

If you happen to BE an electrician you’re probably thinking what a cool workplace that would be too.  So naturally,

When you think about it, it makes a whole lot of bloody sense, since there’s an 80% chance that right candidate you are looking for is already following your business on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 1.58.34 AM
Source: Instagram Business


Forbes offered a whole list of ways to promote a positive work culture through this social channel to attract and appeal to the kind of employees you want working for them.

What Response Electricians has tapped into is the potential Social Talent HR solutions describe in their resources and recruitment training programs.   The content strategy attracts both current employment seekers and passive candidates to the brand..

The behind the scenes look into a workplace, it’s out of the box approach and portrayal, and the glimpse into the unseen gives it a universal appeal beyond electricians and the industry

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