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Energy as fuel, fuel as energy, we have all heard it before…
So let’s break this down so you have a better understanding of why you may lose weight or gain weght or not even move on the scale at all…

But before I get started, just think your weight doesn’t mean its fat loss, maybe its muscle mass that you have lost, the same goes for muscle, maybe its fat instead of muscle or muscle instead of fat.

Now we have cleared that up, let’s get into understanding the different types of energy used and what to consider when working towards your specific external goal you are chasing!

  • NREE – Non Resting Energy Expenditure (Active Energy used)
    Now NREE is made up of EAT, TEF and NEAT.

    • So EAT stands for exercise activity thermogenesis which is energy burned through structured energy expended aka (planned exercise)
    • TEF stands for thermos effect of food which is the energy used to digest or eliminate food you have consumed
    • Last is NEAT which stands for non exercise activity thermogenesis which is energy expended on doing anything that isn’t structured exercise  an example would be taking the stairs rather than the lift in the plaza or parking further away from your friends house to raise you neat energy used. (increase this to expend more energy daily) Try hit 12,000 steps daily to help your weight loss journey or to increase your cardiovascular health.
  • REE – Resting Energy Expenditure
    REE is made up of BMR which stands for Basel metabolic rate  and this is the most important it’s the amount of calories required to live or sustain life and if you hit anything under your BMR you are literally slowly killing yourself –  literally!And this creates
  • TDEE – Total Energy Expenditure
    Our TDEE is made up of the two components above NREE and REE and this is the full calculation of our daily calories needed to perform optimally in everyday life and which will help us work towards our goals of fat loss or muscle gain.

Now if I want to lose weight, then i need to be in a “Deficit” (Calorie restriction = weight loss) not going under your BMR though!

“Surplus” would be (over consumption of calories = gains city)

and finally “Maintenance”  Calories (Energy needed daily to survive) Most of the time fat loss.

To find out your calorie needs, you can use particular apps (MyFitnessPal) or online calculators, I personally use the shofield equation.

Published in 1985, The Schofield Equation is the standard and accepted measurement of BMR used by the World Health Organisation, US Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Graph: ResearchGate

There are many ways to reach your goals through calorie counting but thats for next weeks email, I hope you enjoyed this basic overview of how you expend energy and until next week legends, have a wonderful week!

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