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Wow if these walls could talk.   Have not set foot in this place since discovering Scruffy’s had closed down while dining at Abb Air, and now months later Abb Air is having its whole shopfront renovated and I now done across from that at – Do Dee Paidang (downstairs) and Mojo Bar & Lounge (upstairs).

Gone are the English Premiere League promo posters but instead Lady boy Beauty pageant ads.  The leprichaun and clover green hues have been replaced with the Do Dee Paidang logo red tinge.  The upstairs area now known as Mojo sees its wood finishes now completely whitewashed.   There are places around this venue that have had some pretty hilarious, touching and special moments through the decades and it was quite strange and exciting to revisit this new space…

The smell of beer no longer fills the downstairs main bar, the stools and big screens remain, but the ambiance is more geared to K-Pop then rock.

One thing that’s somewhat recognisable is the steak special which when we first had this in the 1990s use to be a $10 steak night special!   Today’s version comes with a free drink and amazing how in that 20+ years the pricing still remains the same and the portion size arguably bigger!

That’s the lasting impression from this place for sure.  The generous portion sizes even with the lunch special offers!

Impossible to fault the Roast Duck noodles and its broth pour over, but the Penang Beef curry is one of the standouts on this block and there are at least half a dozen places that do the same dish if you do a lap of the block.   The shoulder pulls apart so easily at the touch and has managed to soak up the sweetness of the curry.

Once a landmark that was home to one of the most endaring cultures of Europe, the venue now falls into line with the rest of its surrounds blending in quite well.

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