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The reality TV star along with her sisters and mom-ager (manager) Kris Jenner have become a force to be reckon with in the beauty, lifestyle and fashion industries. They dip their toes in different ventures, launching products and leveraging on their social media following for success. According to Bloomberg however, the family has almost reached their peak of popularity. This comes especially after the German cosmetic conglomerate Coty announced that they bought 51 % of Kylie Cosmetics in November 2019.

Our sources of beauty Press summarise some of Kim K’s biggest beauty hacks this year. She not only launches her own makeup and clothing products, but she also candidly explains on Instagram some of the more personal reasons and challenges she’s had over the years.


Body Makeup
Now, for people who really have skin conditions such as psoriasis or rosacea, Kim shares that her biggest struggle has been her skin. She herself has psoriasis and has tried many things to cover it. Of course, we’re not naïve, she probably has an expensive professional UV light at home to treat her condition. But for those of us who cannot afford that and still want to look good in a dress, Kim suggests to her followers to wear body makeup.

Body makeup is usually used in films and photoshoots, it’s high coverage and can even cover tattoos all over the body. There are different brands that offer body makeup and the key is to exfoliate beforehand, similar to when you apply fake tan.


There is one problem – color transfer.  Body makeup can be easily transferred to clothes, the car seat, sheets, etc. but that depends on the coverage and consistency of the product.

Taping the what now?
One of the biggest trends that Kim K has brought upon us and not only in 2019 but for the past decade, is body taping, especially for special occasions where you wear a dress with a very, very deep V-neck.  Bras are a no-go therefore for the past 10 years Kim has been wearing actual tape on her chest to lift her breasts and create the illusion of wearing a bra.  The trend has created the need for brands to actually create products that can be “applied on the skin”, such as tape, nipple covers, etc.


Another trend that Kim K has single-handedly brought back are shape undergarments. Yes, we all know that Spanx is the pioneer in this area for women and men of all sizes but Instagram exploded in 2019 when the reality TV star launched with her own designs and fabric. She admitted that back in the day she cut her own Spanx to create different designs that suit her clothes and body.

All in all, the Kardashian’s beauty hacks are numerous and you don’t even have to buy her products to achieve the look.  Unfortunately, her long-time makeup artist Mario is the only one who knows her biggest beauty secrets.


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