Trees Adventure, Grose River (NSW)

Adrenaline pumping circuits that weave in and through the tree tops that reach up to 20 metres high above the ground. Whatever you do, dont listen to them – look down! It’s an awesome feeling flying as your feet glide through the air!

Zero Latency VR, Mascot (NSW, QLD, VIC, WA)

Families, Bucks, Hens and Team building groups transport themselves into several programmes available (ie. zombies, spaceships). Your senses are completely tricked into an augmented reality as this international chain opens its first site in Sydney last year. As more and more conventional entertainment venues seek new ways for punters to engage, my guess is we’ll see many museums, arcades, and other recreational spaces moving more and more into virtual reality attractions (eg. Van Gogh Alive Sydney, Monet & Friends, Infinity Gold Coast).

I-Fly Down Under (WA, VIC, QLD, NSW)

As a 98kg man, there’s something quite cool about jumping into a chamber that engineers use to test the functionality of objects in flight. You’ll learn the basic principles to manouevre potential pressure, drag and air flow in these super wind tunnels.

Hyper Karting, Moore Park

I followed all the tips Valvoline gave me on performance driving, ditching every idea I know about normal driving. Holding the steering wheel at 10 and 3, delaying brakes on those sharp turns and that every action being done then and there is for my move and position 2 vehicles away. Practise makes perfect and I improved my lap by 2 seconds.

Flip Out Trampoline Arena (A.C.T., SA, N.T., VIC, WA, NSW, QLD)

Depending on which site you go to, you’ll be swinging off boxing bags, jumping off ramps, slam dunking basketball hoops and crashing into a pool of foam cubes! Enjoy the interplay of weightlessness as you experiment and bounce between free fall and acceleration on the various trampoline beds through

Bouncing on a trampoline lets the jumper experience the interplay between weightlessness and large forces on the body, as the motion changes between free fall and large acceleration in contact with the trampoline bed. 

Axe Throwing at Maniax, St Peters

The history on its origins are confusing with the first axe throwing toournaments reportedly a tradition with early settlers along the Canadian borders and medieval Celtic tribes. In modern times, it’s the sport of choice found at lumberjack events with many countries internationally now offering experiences like this. $45 for two hours as you’re taught the proper technique, enjoy a friendly competition with mates.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, Nundah (QLD), Docklands Melbourne (VIC), Alexandria (NSW)

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