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2021 is the year that you are not only finding your way out of this pandemic but also a transitioning period where you are trying to sustain the newly found “normal”.  Last year was undoubtedly strenuous wimenth all the strangeness as to “the pandemic”, massive joblessness, and that’s just scratching the surface.  

Nevertheless, the pandemic’s impact on your physical and mental welfare creates a situation where you are keen on well-being and the community at large. No concise dietary program to mitigate exposure to the Coronavirus, but the good news is that you can access your vaccine dosage at your discretion. With that in mind, here are a few tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in 2021. A Close-Up View of a Vaccine Vial on White Background

Get Your Dose

Applaud yourself for deciding to get vaccinated. But before you get the total dose, it’s advisable to seek expert advice from specialized practitioners like CBD 7 day medical centre. Would you be concerned about the vaccine’s effectiveness and safety? In addition, you can also seek advice on pre-existing medical conditions or medication complications. Alongside Covid-19 vaccination, you must adhere to the strictly implemented health interventions.

Invest in Your Mental Health

While it is easier said than done, manage your stress. Your mental health is equally as important as your physical health. According to a study by the University of Cincinnati, pathological symptoms in COVID-19 patients are related to mental status and hypertension. This is why keeping your mental health in optimal condition is vital. But, how do you do this? Well, for starters, doing things you’ve wanted to for a while but never had the time might be a great place to start! Whether it be playing Madalin Stunt Cars 2 or simply reading a book you’ve been meaning to get to, tackle your personal to-do list and watch your mental health skyrocket through the clouds! Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be able to handle stressful situations much easier as well. 

Therefore, the sooner you strike a balance, the better your cognitive health is intact. 

Build a Healthy Meal

You make your meals exciting and nutritional when you eat a variety of foods. Eating various foods will boost your immune system while curbing the possibility of weakening once exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Cultivating a healthy eating habit can also be supplemented with a multivitamin that contains the RDA for several nutrients if a balanced diet is not easily accessible.

Quit smoking if you already do

Tobacco use raises the risk of lung and throat cancer, kidney and heart disease, and mental instability. This one change in your lifestyle can make a huge difference in your health as far as you are at risk of exposure to Coronavirus.

Make Time for Physical Activity

Ten minutes of aerobic or cardio exercises per day, such as walking or cycling, is another tip for your well-being, better sleep, heart health, and an enhanced quality of life. To stay motivated, try scheduling your workouts, recruiting a buddy, or even enrolling in group classes like yoga sessions. 

Get Enough Sleep

Maintain a night and day schedule because you are increasing the chance of maintaining a balanced circadian rhythm by doing so.  Your plan should balance sleepiness and wakefulness, allowing you to be super productive as you bounce to the sustenance of your likelihood. 

The pandemic has probably thrown you into disarray and uncertain life situations. However anxious and sceptical you have become, you still have control over a couple of things. A healthy living and a positive mindset can take you a long way.

The new Australia Project 2021 report from leading cultural insights agency, The Lab, reveals a more positive mindset for Australians in 2021, with a different set of values guiding lives as we emerge from the pandemic.

·       82% of Australians want to appreciate life morepost the pandemic

·       77% of Australians want to be more financially ready post the pandemic

·       72% of Australians say that after the pandemic they want to have more “dare in life”

·       71% of Australians want more family time post the pandemic

·       Australians want more time for relationships, being in the moment, travel and exploration, enjoyment of life, and themselves

·       Australians will have less time for toxic people, wasteful spending, screens, uncertainty and taking things for granted

·       84% of Australians say that “caring and compassionate” is the future society they want

The Lab has unearthed Australian’s desires for life post-COVID from the multi-lens study, including expert interviews and analysis of conversations online using machine learning and AI moderated interviews of 1,500 people conducted in April with its strategic insights partner, Nature.

The Lab Co-founder, Paul Labagnara, said: “Australians have been through so much this past year or so. Some of the lessons that are surfacing as the pandemic eases show that people are looking for anything but a return to normal. Instead, they are refocusing on what’s really important to them. COVID has provided an opportunity to find perspective. On one hand, we have seen a huge rise in the notion of the appreciation of what people have, including the smaller things in life and a promise to themselves of not taking things for granted. Almost 50% of Australians want to spend more time with loved ones and family and are focusing on care, consideration, and connection. On the other hand, there are Australians who want to let loose and live in the now – they don’t want to wait, they want to do more. It’s these two parallels, and the friction between them, that makes the future so interesting. There’s definitive change happening as a response to the forces that shaped society until the arrival of the pandemic. Things won’t fall back into ‘traditional’ ways but will instead take one of two routes in the new Australia,” he said.

For many Australians, the pandemic changed many of the values they held. What Australians want to have more time for when the pandemic is over are:

1.     Relationships

2.     Being in the moment

3.     Travel and exploration

4.     Me – exercise and mental health

5.     Doing more

6.     Enjoying life

What Australians want less of in the future

The pandemic gave many Australians the opportunity to decide what they no longer want or need in their lives. When it comes to the changes Australians want to make less time for post-pandemic, they are:

1.     Toxic people

2.     Wasteful spending

3.     Screens

4.     Uncertainty

5.     Taking things for granted

Australians want positive changes to society

Analysis of conversations show 84% want to see Australia cultivating a more caring and compassionate society, while 80% want society to be supportive and united.

Mr Labagnara said: “A prioritisation of values such as care and support from small businesses and pride in Australian-made products are still relevant, as well as what roles brands can have within their communities.

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