This end of the Spring / Summer 2022 Mens Collections in Milan last week got us thinking about fashion materials in production. After a year in lockdown sweats, if you’re aiming to mimmick the holy grail in spring and summer, fashion think about those garment materials when stringing together those looks:


GIORGIO ARMANI MENS SPRING / SUMMER 2022: Classic navy suits, light chambray trousers, steel-blue silk and satin detailing, indigo shirts / vests, midnight blue jackets will be the wardrobe staples for the season.

The first step in material science is cotton. It is probably one of the best-known materials for clothing. Thanks to its special structure, cotton is a very stable material. In addition, it can absorb quite a bit of moisture without leaving the skin feeling uncomfortable. These properties guarantee pleasant and comfortable wearing, as well as easy-care handling and durability. Clothing made from pure cotton is recommended for allergy sufferers. It is also perfect for summer clothing!


DIOR MEN SPRiNG / SUMMER 2022: Soothing pink and phosphoresecent green accents and python prints pop out of the sportswear silhouettes of the modern man using woolen micro shorts layered with mini skirts, ribbed cardigans, baggy suit trousers and pinstripe jackets. 

Sheep’s wool is one of those staples that regularly oozes of the runway and is far from obsolete. The long wool threads are mainly processed into woven and knitted fabrics. Insensitive to dirt, it barely creases and keeps you cozy and warm in the winter. The material is also breathable and popular in DIY fashion. Care for wool however may vary and though it’s so basic, some of you might need to be reminded to read the label to prevent shrinkage. In principle, the water should not be too warm, so keep it mild and this way you won’t ruin the integrity of the material. Clothing made of wool ideally dries lying down. Dryers, heating or the sun should be avoided. 


PRADA MENS SPRING / SUMMER 2022: Bright colors on vacation are the order of the day inspired by a post-pandemic life as we transition back into ‘normalcy’. More and more collections become gender neutral as shorts morph into semi states of skorts – a great way to start experimenting with the boundless forms of gender stereotyped garments. Tailored looks bring form fitting shorts under oversized coats where the idea is being able to walk from land to see on holiday.

A cardigan, men’s sweater or coat made of cashmere speaks volumes in the cold season. This noble wool, is derived from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, and is one of the most expensive fibres. It’s also one of the warmest! Further advantages are the breathability, the lightness and skin friendliness. It feels divine, and looks high quality. A lovely choice for the cooler months. 


LOUIS VUITTON MENS SPRING / SUMMER 2022: This season’s look for men is a paradox. It’s a clash of cultures. The conservative tones of greys, whites and blacks of corporate power suits is fused with rave culture patterning and neons creating a modern man’s streetwear look that explodes out of the boardroom into Skirts, kilts, tracksuits, dress shirts and t-shirts, embroidered gloves, animal-printed clasps and rave-inspired sunglasses.

Linen fibers are obtained from the stalk of the flax plant. The production is comparatively complex and therefore expensive. The material is also often mixed with cotton – called half linen. Linen is particularly recommended in summer, because its airy, light and cooling properties ensure a pleasant and refreshing feeling.  In addition, linen is characterized by a smooth surface that has a matt sheen. The material hardly fluffs, releases moisture well and is hard-wearing.  


BURBERRY MENS SPRING / SUMMER 2022: It’s all about challenging conventional codes with assured fluidity, brimming with youthful experimentation and sensuality using black leather halterneck vests, coats, trousers and briefs. Tailoring and outerwear are readdressed with sleeveless non-conforming silhouettes and abstract prints. Cotton vests and hoodies are refashioned with organic-shaped leather panels and cut-out details for a rebellious take on staples.

This is a natural fibre made from the natural raw materials eucalyptus, pine and beech wood. Even if the manufacturing process is complex, production is worthwhile because viscose is versatile and inexpensive at the same time. Viscose fibers are often used in blouses, shirts or dresses. It is a timeless material.

Thousands of years ago people began to use fibers of vegetable or animal origin to make clothing and more than ever we are seeing serious fashionistas pumping collections on the runway that are more eco-conscious.

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