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In this episode Chris interviews Gracie Purvis, a meditation teacher, yoga teacher, content creator and recently mind performance coach. We dive into her past challenges with losing a close friend which lead her to suffering with anxiety issues and panic disorder from the shock of losing someone so close. She found herself losing confidence to even go to the post office to pick up a parcel. She found herself seeking help at headspace which lead her to finding meditation which completely change her life! We discuss tools and actions you can take to start changing your physical and mental state, the stigma of not expressing your emotions, not being a victim and creating your own self love and creating a morning routine.

It’s safe to say that our lives don’t always stay the same. When we grow older and progress in our careers, it’s normal to earn more. As you earn more, you may find that your lifestyle tends to change. Even if you’re good with money and you’re saving well, you’ll still have a surplus income that you can do whatever you like with. No matter how you choose to live, you may find that you need to make some changes to your lifestyle. It can be difficult to work out exactly what you need to do to accommodate your new style of living. However, this is a change that you’re going to want to work through. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can manage your lifestyle as it grows.

Get More Organized

For starters, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re just taking a more organized approach to life. This can help you at any stage of life, but when you have more things to manage, a bigger home, or a tighter schedule, time management is key. Knowing your schedule back to front can help but also so can making sure that your home is tidied and organized well. Getting an organization team in might help. That way, you can then just focus on keeping things as they are.

Using The Right Services

At the same time, you may find that it makes a massive difference if you can turn to some services that will help your life run efficiently. If you’re running out of room and want your valuables protected, using vehicle storage could help. Protecting your jewelry is a good idea here too. not only that, but even hiring a PA could make a difference to your life. If you know that you’re always busy, this could help you to manage every area of your life so much better.

Manage Your Own Expectations

It’s also going to make a massive difference if you can start to manage your own expectations a little better too. When it comes to experiencing a change in lifestyle, things may not be as they always have been. You may live in a different way, not have access to old ways, and you may even lose people from your life as well. So it’s a good idea to work on your mindset and be able to manage your own expectations of life too.

Even when things change pretty fast for you, it can be such a nice thing for you to be able to adapt and change your lifestyle. It can feel overwhelming when there is more to manage and you’re not used to it, but it can be handled pretty quickly and easily. These tips should help you to feel more in control and keep your lifestyle organized so that you can just focus on enjoying it and now stressing out or worrying!

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