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Thanks to the internet and all of the communication channels that are available to you, setting your business up to work with an international customer base is a breeze.

You can video chat through Skype and Zoom, quickly relay sales information via email, and post information that will be useful to your customers on social media. 

You can also research new markets with a quick Google search so it’s relatively easy to discover the right demographics for your business. And when it comes to global currencies, you can easily manage these with the right payment gateway

But why should you bother with international customers? Why not stick to a local customer base? Well, if you have ever wanted to take your business to the next level, going global could be the answer. 

Here are the advantages to your business.

#1: You can stay ahead of your competitors

No matter what type of business you run, you will always have people competing against you. This can be a real problem especially when they are cornering the market in your current geographical location. But if you can reach new markets first, including those that are abroad, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors and do much to profit your business. 

#2: You can survive an economic meltdown

If your country suffers an economic meltdown, perhaps with another pandemic situation, your business could be put at risk. This is because people will stop buying from you because of a lack of funds in their pockets. However, if other countries are thriving financially, you can tap into the customers at these locations and still benefit your business. As the saying goes: Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket! The more you can do to spread your business wings into new markets, the better your chances of survival if your local market collapses. 

#3: You can increase your brand exposure

Many of today’s bigger businesses are known internationally. People who haven’t heard of Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. are in the minority! But what about your business? We know it’s hard getting your brand known locally, but if you can pull it off and increase brand exposure to international customers, your business will become much better known. Again, this will leverage you above your competitors because people will think of your business first when they want a particular product or service. 

#4: You can do more to profit your business

If you are struggling to make a profit in your own country, it might be that an international customer base could give your business the boost it needs. Especially if there are gaps in the market for your type of business in certain countries, you will greatly increase your profits if you latch onto customer demand. 


Working with international customers isn’t necessarily easy. You will need to manage time zones, get to grips with foreign currencies, and learn about potential cultural differences. However, there are advantages, including those we have listed above. 

So, is now the right time for your business to go global? It might be, especially if you think there might be untapped markets out there, with customers clamoring for what you have to offer! Consider the possibility and commit to research to learn more. 

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