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The internet is constantly growing and providing more ways for people to earn. Even with a full-time day job, you can find work and make extra money online.

Working online relieves you of the pressure of working during office hours only. It allows you to work during peak hours and freely create time for other things as long as you submit high-quality work before the set deadlines.

So, whether you are looking for a side hustle to earn you some extra cash or getting a job to keep you busy at home, this list will help you figure out what works best for you.

Write Reviews

Did you know that getting paid to give a review is a real thing? Even better, there are endless things you interact with daily that you can review.

For example, you can write a review on a product you recently used, a book, a place, or if you love playing games and betting, a simple Betfred review could earn you extra money.

You can also review products and post on YouTube and other social media platforms. You need to start with an active social media account with a good following.

With consistency, you will grow your audience and influence, which will get you better and bigger deals.

Sell Photos

If you are skilled in taking photos or live in a beautiful neighbourhood whose images may be on-demand, there is definitely a market for you.

In case you already have an extensive collection of photos you took in the past, you can upload them to a stock photography site such as iStock.You can also earn from photo contests with photographers from all over the world. And if you do not win, it will gain you exposure and give you a confidence boost.

Be A Translator/Language Tutor

Eloquently speaking more than one language is an added advantage for you. In addition, there are translation jobs online that you can do without leaving home.

These translation jobs involve translating articles, books, or voice recordings from one language to another. The pay for your assigned tasks will vary, depending on your employer and skills.

People from all over the world are always curious to learn a new language, including your mother tongue. So be sure to find students who want to practice and be taught by you at a fee you will decide.

When stating your rates, research and set your price to match the current market values.

Editing and Proofreading

You might be taking your reading skills for granted because most people can read, right?

Most of your favourite writers are busy and cannot read their drafts after writing. Also, millions of blogs on the internet have made proofreading jobs more available than ever.

You can become a professional reader and assist your clients in checking for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, wrong tenses, and poor formatting.

Some of the items you will be proofreading are blog posts, job application letters, official emails, and business website content.

Proofreaders’ pay depends mainly on the amount and type of work done.

Website/App Tester

An unresponsive website or app with a terrible interface can cost a company millions of money and clients. So, to avoid this, some companies hire people to test their websites and apps before officially launching them.

They will require you to use and give your honest criticism and suggestions on your interaction with the app or website. Your jobs will primarily consist of interacting with prototypes, watching videos, answering a few questions, and testing other things to test for usability.

For example, if you are testing a gaming app, you will play the game and give feedback on how you enjoyed the game. Suggestions will tell them what worked well and what didn’t work and require improvement.

Take Surveys

While money from surveys will not get you rich, a few coins for fun and small debts isn’t bad at all. Surveys are all about answering specific questions or giving opinions to help companies and organisations acquire information about something. 

The amount of money you make at the end of a survey will depend on the sponsoring company and the number of surveys you take. Most surveys are optional and take just a few minutes of your lunch break or weekend that you would otherwise spend doing nothing. Do some research as there are many survey sites to choose from, it might be a good idea to check out paid online surveys to give you some ideas on how to earn some extra money in your spare time.

Most of these surveys are simple and ask about your purchasing habits, simple family details, and your preferred products to use. However, please take note of specific platforms and thoroughly research before engaging, as some are fraudulent.

Transcription And Captioning

Transcription usually involves converting audio to written text. On the other hand, captioning requires time coding the transcribed text to sync with the sound in a video. In simple terms, it is similar to what you see in movie subtitles.

Transcription and captioning make their content or information available to a larger audience for a company. For you as a transcriptionist, it offers you the power to control your salary by working less or extra depending on how much money you want when payday comes.

With the appropriate resources, anyone can work as a transcriptionist. All you need to start working is a good laptop, good typing skills, and invest in a high-quality headset.

Social Media Manager

Almost everyone owns a social media account; individuals and businesses try to keep up. This means social media managers are in high demand, and the job is quite flexible.

Being a social media manager doesn’t mean you will be on your phone or computer all the time. Most platforms have built-in tools that allow you to view your account performance and schedule posts in advance.

As a social media manager, part of your work will be to receive messages, reply to customers’ inquiries and comments for your employer. If it is a business account, you will also be required to answer a few customers’ questions.

Become A Freelance Writer

Contrary to what most people think, not all forms of freelance writing will require you to be creative. If you are not into poems and other creativity-related writing forms, you can explore content writing, news writing, SEO, or start a personal blog.

You can opt for technical writing to write user manuals, instructions, and guides. They could be for an appliance or bigger machines.

If you are an actual creative and do not appreciate the attention that may come with it, ghostwriting is for you. A ghostwriter’s job is all about helping others or working with them to write speeches, books, or other materials but not being credited publicly.

 Other ways you can earn online as a writer are; copywriting and taking part in writing competitions. If you are a student good at a particular subject, making good straightforward notes on a topic during your revision can sell to other students online.


Most of these online jobs will require your effort and determination to yield satisfying results. The same applies to the positions listed above. Stay organized and excellently manage your time to avoid underperforming in your other tasks.

If you are working from home and this is your only job, you will need to have discipline. It is easy to give in to multiple distractions and get your attention shifted while working in an environment that doesn’t look like an office. If you have trouble concentrating in such an environment, set a spot and organize it to look like your home office.

In addition, technology is constantly advancing, and the internet is also growing. As a result, several other jobs will come up, and you will need to be more creative to earn more from working online.

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