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Self-care has become a booming industry. That’s thanks to a better understanding of mental health. And many self-care trends are centered around spending time on your looks. Though it may seem like a superficial thing, there are actually tonnes benefits that come with looking after your physical appearance.  

Here are just 7 of the lesser-known mental health benefits of looking after your appearance.

  1. Improves Your Physical Health

Looking after your appearance can help you to improve your physical health. The simple act of taking care of yourself means you become more in tune with your body. In addition, you’ll be able to track your personal average. So if anything feels wrong, you’ll know to get it checked out

In addition, there is a myriad of physical benefits from looking after your appearance. It helps with weight loss, improves sleep quality, and even prevents certain diseases. Overall, these aspects of improved physical health come together to improve your mental health. Because you feel stronger and more in control. 

  1. Increases Your Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence

This might not be lesser-known, but a significant mental health benefit is that looking after your appearance helps build self-esteem and self-confidence. When you take care of your physical appearance, you feel more confident about yourself. So even if you don’t have an idea what you want to look like yet, just starting to take care of your appearance can help you begin to feel better about yourself. 

And don’t take this as a suggestion to force yourself into the box of what society expects you to look like. Self-care, especially self-care centered on your physical looks, is entirely personal to you. It could be anything from using teeth whitening products to dying your hair a new color. Looking after yourself in the way you want will make you feel more authentically yourself. And that’s pretty powerful for boosting your self-esteem and confidence. 

  1. Boosts Your Mood And Energy Levels

A recent study published in the Journal of Research and Social Policy found that women in low-paying occupations had an increased risk of developing depressive symptoms. And, like many other studies, it found that the more effort a woman put into her appearance, the less likely she was to develop depressive symptoms. In addition, this study showed that looking after your appearance can help you improve your mood and energy levels.

It’s no secret that looking good makes you feel good – and when you feel good, it’s easier to deal with life’s challenges. In addition, you’ll feel more ready to take on the day when you’ve taken some time to practice self-care. 

  1. Enhances Your Social Life

Another mental health benefit of looking after your appearance is enhancing your social life. When you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to be friendly and approachable. 

We all have those days when we don’t feel great about ourselves. And at those times, we would prefer to hide away from the world rather than go out into it. That’s absolutely fine; there’s nothing wrong with a down day. But looking after your appearance will help boost your confidence. And that confidence boost will translate into a better social life as you’re not avoiding interactions. 

  1. Improves Your Intimacy Levels With Others

Your physical appearance affects your level of intimacy with others. This plays directly into the fact that practicing self-care will boost your confidence and enhance your social life. 

Looking after your appearance can help you feel more confident and comfortable around others. You’ll be more open and vulnerable with loved ones if you feel comfortable. Being vulnerable helps improve your intimacy levels. Especially when we feel like we can be 100% authentically ourselves. Because looking after ourselves is a form of self-love. And practicing self-love helps us accept ourselves exactly as we are. 

  1. Reduces Stress And Anxiety Levels

When you feel good about yourself and take care of your body, it can help prevent stress and anxiety. Especially if your stress or anxiety is centered around how you look or act. Little acts of self-care for our appearance will boost the way we feel about ourselves. And there have been several studies that show the longer we spend looking at ourselves without make-up, the more we come to love the way we look. 

And taking care of yourself can be fun and relaxing! Who doesn’t love a long bath or an afternoon spent buying new clothes

  1. Boosts Productivity In The Workplace

Elegant and professional-looking clothes are often associated with higher productivity levels. Furthermore, this is a simple way to stand out from the crowd in the workplace. Of course, it’s important to wear clothes that represent your personality, but it’s equally important for you to dress appropriately for your position. 

When you look the part, you’ll feel more ready to take on any challenges that the workday throws your way. And if you don’t feel confident, dressing up and making an effort can help you fake confidence. Just until you build your own up through self-care. 

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