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Mary’s Underground: An evolution from burgers to fine dining – Revisiting ‘The Basement’

For long time fans of Mary’s burgers in Newtown and Sydney’s CBD, the new grown up rendition of fine dining meshed with remnants of the old Basement vibes calls for a new refinement to our palettes.   Down the staircase there’s familiarity yet mystery as we place our trust in the stirling reputations of Mary’s and wondering what has become of Sydney’s oldest live music venue which was supposedly almost going to be used as commercial office space had it not been for the saving grace of Kenny Graham and Jake Smyth.

Jake’s smile and personable greeting sets the tone for this visit while Kenny oversees the backroom clam bar.  Turning over your menu, the resident live acts for the month are shown and its the feelgood sounds of The Pocket Trio that provide the mood music.   A salute to the emerging artists of yesteryear, the Mary’s Underground re-invention pays homage to that tradition as their stage continues to be a platform for local artists.

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The Ultimate Guide to Mardi Gras

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival kicked off  last Friday.

2019’s theme is FEARLESS, a poignant acknowledgment of the way LGBTQIA people across the globe courageously express who they are. Fearless honours the past and those LGBTQIA advocates, activists and individuals who have stood up for who they are and who they want to be. Fearless is also a call to action for the future, it calls on the LGBTQIA community to be strong, live brave, be proud and unite at Mardi Gras 2019 to celebrate fearlessly.

Mardi Gras Arts CEO, Terese Casu said “This year we bring together over 400 artists, creatives and thought leaders from across the world to join in a truly global discussion of diversity, social justice, human rights and equality.  Being fearless is more than making a lot of noise, it’s also about acknowledging a person’s own vulnerability, and being able to express who they are, even if it’s not bold. We invite everyone to join Mardi Gras this season to celebrate diversity and creativity, and to champion the fearless voices within our community,” said Casu.


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12 reasons to visit Carriageworks this Sydney Festival season

All things come in threes and Carriageworks will be presenting 3 events each in dance, theatre and Australian premieres in addition to a visual arts exhibit!  Here are 12 reasons to explore the best of Sydney Festival at Carriageworks this season:
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